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August 21, 2009, 3:58 am
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My new website is live and ready to go.  I’m going to stop posting here, and start posting through the website, where all the previous posts have been moved, so after a few days, I won’t be visiting this separate blog any more.  Join me at


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I’m sad that you won’t be blogging here anymore, but having your blog on your website will probably bring loads more traffic, and probably far more comments.
For some reason, this blog, unconnected to your website, seemed cozier.

Comment by the Bag Lady

Wow, Sara, you look very glamorous in that photo! And I do like the look of your new site.

Bag Lady is right, though; it is cosy over here, but we’ll see you in the other place.

Comment by bookwitch

Not only is it cozier–but it’s also the only place I can access on my own. So for now, this is where I’ll continue to be posting. But I’m glad you like the look of the new site.

Comment by saraparetsky

I forgot to mention that you do look fabulous in the photo on the new website.
(and I am very discreetly jumping for joy that you will be staying here for a little while longer!)

Comment by the Bag Lady

Wow–love the new website. I agree with the others–you look stunning!!!

Comment by genny winne

ahem…you know….I didn’t know you were “the writer” Paretsky. I’m new to your blog, and loved your posts. Sheesh, and I’m an avid book reader too! I bow, and wish you well with your new site, which I love.

Comment by Wulfgar

The new website is really classy. Love it. I don’t care where you blog…just glad you do 🙂

Comment by CherylK

Wulfgar, how could you not know?? Sara’s got the name Sara Paretsky all over the place. And a photo. Honestly.

Comment by bookwitch

Hmmmm….as I said, I just started reading this blog, and was hooked by the kindle vs. book post. Sorry to offend you, BW, but I was just laying my honesty out there. Guess I liked Sara as the person, without having to know she was Sara the writer.

Comment by Wulfgar

It’s actually nice to know that I posted something interesting enough that someone who didn’t know me dropped by. I have a kind of juvenile sense of humor, so I’ve loved the Kindle v Book videos from Green Apple

Comment by saraparetsky

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