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Tour schedule for Hardball
July 30, 2009, 3:38 am
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When my webmistress, Lisa Hazen, finishes my new site, the blog and the tour info and everything will all be available in one place, and I will be trained in how to update the site, but for another few weeks, I’m in two different places.  Putnam has finalized a tour schedule for Hardball, and you can see it here.  For UK readers, Hodder is publishing in February and I’ll go to the UK for a week then–details will follow.

Meanwhile, great ideas for what V I has been up to!


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Thanks for the link! No Women & Children First reading? Although I will be happy to catch you at one of the other 4 local events. 🙂

Comment by Rachel Benoit

Sheesh. Doesn’t look like you’re coming anywhere close to the ranch. Sigh.

Comment by the Bag Lady

Maybe the ranch has to come to Sara, then?

Comment by bookwitch

The ranch doesn’t travel well….

Comment by the Bag Lady

I’m so disappointed. Nothing really close to us.

Comment by genny winne

Rachel, I won’t be doing a formal reading at Women & Children, but I will be there between 5:30 & 6:30 on September 22, Launch Day, to sign books if you want to come then.
Bag Lady, and Genny, I wish I could come to the ranch–or to New Jersey, or both–but any of the stores on my tour will be glad to send you a signed book. You can email or call the store and if you give them the name I know you by on the blog I’ll be glad to put in a personal message.
Thanks to everyone for your interest!

Comment by saraparetsky

Sara, thanks for the suggestion. Is there any certain store that you would recommend over another?

Comment by genny winne

Everyone is equipped to respond to mail orders, so I’d suggest you do a store at the start of the tour. I’d personally prefer it if you went through the independents. Even though I’m not doing a formal event at Women & Children, I will be signing there the day of the launch; their number is (773) 769-9299. I’ll also be doing early events at Rainy Day in Kansas City: 913-384-3126 and the Raven in Lawrence:785-749-3300

Comment by saraparetsky

UK tour – hooray! Although I’m afraid that I am impatient and have pre-ordered so that I can receive a copy at the American release date.

Comment by Anna

I was very excited to hear about your new book, Hardball, coming out on September 22. I am planning to come into St. Louis for your signing on September 29. I won’t be able to be at the luncheon, but I am planning on the event that evening. I have had the good fortune to be at a couple of appearances you’ve made in the past. The first was when you came to St. Louis for the Jewish Book Festival several years ago. The second time was for a reading in Lawrence KS upon the release of Fire Sale. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Comment by Doug Clark

Why don’t you come South more with your new book? I have been reading your mysteries since the early 80’s. You’re still my favorite author. There are plenty of us who admire your writing down here in TN.

Comment by Shirley

Shirley, I wish I could come to Tennessee, too. I’m honored that you think so highly of my work.

Comment by Sara Paretsky

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