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9 so far this year
June 20, 2009, 8:47 pm
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That’s murders in the United States by people connected to white supremacist groups, according to Chip Berlet on June 18th’s Fresh Air.  Apparently, we can’t have anti-hate-crime legislation in America because it violates the 1st Amendment; we can’t control handgun ownership because that violates the 2nd Amendment.

What we can have is hysterical commentary on U.S. talk radio shows about things like Obama wanting to take people’s guns from them–the fear that apparently propelled Richard Poplawski into ambushing and killing 3 Pittsburgh police officers.  We can let a man who tried to kidnap the Federal Reserve carry weapons.  We can let a man convicted of carrying explosives in his car carry weapons.

And if we mutter something about gun control, or background checks, a well-orchestrated outcry will silence us.  Meanwhile, the credit card reform bill passed by Congress included a provision allowing people to carry handguns in national parks and wildlife refuges.

Some days it’s all I can do to get out of bed.


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I often wonder why, after someone has gone on a ramapage shooting students at schools or universities in the US,Americans don’t all call for an end to the right to crry weapons. It’s no longer the wild west where you may have actually needed to have a gun.

Guns are becoming more widespread over here in the UK but it’s not usual and not encouraged.

It’s a frightening scenario in the US and I hope that President Obama may be allowed to reform that law by the right-wing gun toters.

Comment by corkhead

I remember after the shooting at VT, some of the right wing gun nuts thought the answer to the problem would be to arm all the students with guns. It’s really scary to think that’s the thought process of people carrying loaded guns. Be afraid—be very afraid.

Comment by genny

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