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Good Websites?
June 16, 2009, 2:27 pm
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Thanks for your support.  I’m sorry to whine in public–just wanted to explain why I’m not keeping on top of the blog these days.

My web mistress, Lisa Hazen, is revamping my website.  Along with other changes, she’ll be able to incorporate the blog directly into the website. She’ll also use software that will allow me to update things like tour information much more easily than I can right now. Lisa asked me for some of my favorite websites, and I gave her a few suggestions, but I’m wondering if there are sites you really love that she and I should look at.




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I like yours the best, and always mention it when discussing website design with people. It’s what I’d like to have if I was going to have a personal website, except I’d feel silly to copy someone else. My main complaint would probably be what you mentioned, which is that events aren’t updated very quickly. Most authors I talk to about their websites seem to find that it’s having to get hold of another person to change things, that makes the site work less well.

Many sites tend towards the gimmicky, and that makes them less attractive to use, even if they look good on a superficial basis.

Comment by bookwitch

Jane Fonda’s looks good and works well except on any internet machine that doesn’t use Flash:
C. J. Cherryh–and Jane Fancher and Lynn Abbey–are redecorating, but Cherryh’s new blog works well:

Comment by S. K. Eller

Thanks for your input, and Bookwitch, Lisa is terrifically pleased by your appreciation

Comment by saraparetsky

You might suggest Lisa take a look at sites for Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich. They have different aspects that may be appealing.

Comment by genny

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