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Things Could Be Worse
June 12, 2009, 3:59 am
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Things could be worse; they often are, and I am lucky.  But I’ve had a lot going on in my private world involving many different doctors and many different family members.

So, my dear friends of the blogosphere, I am a little distracted, and will not often be posting here.  I need to focus on my novel in progress, due at the end of this year, and on supporting Hardball, and I still have trouble using my hands as a result of nerve damage from a serious injury 3 years ago.  I will get to the blog when I can, but I hope you won’t forget me and will check in from time to time.


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Oh dear, Sara! Sympathies! I’m sure we will all want you to feel better and keep writing. The blog will survive with an occasional tweak here and there. Hope all your family members improve including your dog.

Comment by corkhead

So sorry to hear about all this sickness and sadness! Yes, things can be worse, but what we have to deal with is often worrisome enough… Take care and I hope all will work out.

Comment by bani

We will miss you, but we don’t forget just like that. It seems problems always come grouped together, which makes it hard to concentrate on anything very much. Look after your husband and the dog and everyone else.

Comment by bookwitch

Sara, you only have so much energy to expend. You are taking care of everyone else. Don’t forget about yourself. We’ll still check in from time to time. No need to worry about being forgotten—that’s not possible. Wishing you and your family (which includes your dog) only the best.

Comment by genny

Forget about you? Don’t be silly!

Miss you around the blogosphere? Of course we will.

Good luck to you and your loved ones. Come back when you have time – we’ll be here.

Comment by the Bag Lady

All the best to you, your family – and your dog.

Comment by ab

Wish you and family will always be in God’s blessings.
I have finished reading Bleeding Kansas and Fire Sale. I love Bleeding Kansas since it’s about home on the range in a small American town.
The 4H club harks back to the days when i was in elemtary school in the 60s. It was started by our principal Miss Margaret Mitchell, an American. She taught us many crafts and we have fun fairs similar as in American schools. We also have honor rolls just like you did.
We were thrilled too in receiving care packages from American kids. That time we had gained our independence from Britain for about five years. American things are a novelty. Miss Mitchell left for American way in her 50s. She has passed on in 1998. We loved her so much. God bless her soul.

Comment by Idzan Ismail

Best wishes Sara! May the lifestyle adjustments work their magic & allow your family long and happy life ahead. We’ll keep ourselves content with Hardball in the fall.

Comment by Rachel Benoit

I’m so sorry to hear about your injury, Sara. Three years ago – that must’ve been just about around the time that you were here, in Sweden.

Thinking of you!


Comment by Maria Neij

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