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May 1 is Indie Day
April 29, 2009, 7:07 pm
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This is a post by Kevin Guilfoyle, a fine writer, whose posts and thoughts are always deeply helpful to me.  Here’s a chance to see one or more of your favorite crime writers at an Independent bookstore on May 1.

A week after his first novel The Rachel Papers came out, Martin Amis saw someone reading it on a train. He didn’t say anything to the person because he assumed, now that he was a novelist, he would be constantly encountering random people enjoying his work on trains and planes and park benches and waiting rooms. It didn’t happen to him again for 15 years.This Friday, May 1, thousands will recognize the Buy Indie Day holiday by stopping in at one of their favorite independent bookstores and making a purchase. A few weeks ago, I asked readers to do that, but also to announce ahead of time where they will be going. The point, after all, is not some one-day indie bookstore stimulus package, but to remind people of their local indies and to raise awareness about the best independent booksellers around the country. You can find an indie bookstore near you here or here.  

 Below is a list of stores where a number of writers will be on Friday, not as authors promoting their books, but as readers buying a book. If one of those writers sees you holding his or her book you will likely make their day because it really doesn’t happen as often as you probably think, even for the big guys. If they don’t notice, feel free to make the first move. I will continue to update this list all week, so authors please write to me (kevin[at] if you want to be added. And I’d encourage everyone to give some love to your favorite indie bookstore by telling us in the comments where you’re going to celebrate Buy Indie Day. And tell folks on your blog. And on Facebook. And at your book club. The holidays are no fun to celebrate by yourself.

KAREN ABBOTT Sin in the Second City will be at McNally Jackson Bookstore

Tasha Alexander, Tear of Pearl, will be at the Mysterious Bookshop 

ROSECRANS BALDWIN You Lost Me There. McIntyre’s Fine Books 

SEAN CHERCOVER Big City, Bad Blood and Trigger City Partners In Crime 

BARBARA D’AMATO and Michael Dymmoch will both be at the many indie dealers at Malice Domestic

Kevin Guilfoyle will be at Centuries and Sleuths in River Forest

Sara Paretsky will  be at the Seminary Co-op in Hyde Park

To see more of your favorite writers and where they’re going to be for Indie Fest, read Kevin’s complete rundown at the Chicago Outfit blog


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Tell us what you bought, please, Sara.

Comment by bookwitch

I bought Marilyn Robinson’s Home–I loved Gilead, and I’ve been afraid to read Home for fear of being disappointed because Gilead was so perfect. We’ll see. I also got one of Boris Akunin’s mysteries, although it doesn’t look that wonderful on second glance. And the original Peter Pan and Wendy, a recommendation of one of my brother’s. Who else celebrated Indie Day?

Comment by saraparetsky

Sara, I’ll just jump in here and link to my short blog on Pete Seeger, who is 90 today.

I’m no expert on him or his music, just a long standing enthusiastic fan. And I felt it was worth mentioning him today. Not all singers go on singing for so long.

And it was you who reassured me last year that there are still people who care and who do things and who say things, even though the protest movement from the 1960s is long gone quieter.

Comment by bookwitch

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