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March 31, 2009, 10:12 pm
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I need a hobby.  In some ways, my time is overbooked, with volunteer work, family obligations, and working on my writing, but I don’t do anything relaxing or fun with other people on a regular basis.  I have a lawyer friend who drives a bobcat around her little farm.  

the bobcat out clearing brush

the bobcat out clearing brush

My cousin Barb, off now to Ukraine, kayaks with friends off the coast of Alaska.  

kayaking off the Alaska coast

kayaking off the Alaska coast

Yet another friend plays clarinet in a volunteer orchestra

a really good likeness!

how did they train her?

I know I’d write better, explore more of the ideas circling my brain, if I did something with other people–something besides good works, which, I confess, don’t refresh me.  I know farming and kayaking are not for me.  I’d like to know what works for other people.  How about you?


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Apart from the occasional holiday, reading crime fiction & blogging about it is the hobby which inspires me, and allows me to meet new & interesting people from all over the world 🙂

Comment by Dorte H

Hi Sara! I enjoy photography a lot, even if it is just little things in my yard… and speaking of yard, that’s a fun place for me, where I try and fail to grow various vegetables. Better luck next year.

Honestly I probably get the most juice out of a weeknight or weekend afternoon of a meal and/or movie with a girlfriend. I got an email from the ACLU for a free ticket to American Violet monday night, and am checking who’s available to go with me! There are so many interesting movies being made these days.

Comment by Rachel

What did you enjoy doing when you were a wee girl. Look within.

Comment by David

I knit…I find it relaxing and it’s fun to look at a project and think – I made this! But it’s not nearly so active as driving a bobcat or kayaking.

Comment by Meghan

I play ice-hockey … I’m 49 now and I’m the 2nd oldest on the team. Our goalie is 53 and all the others are much – very much – younger. Sometimes this can be a strain but mostly it works well. I work on my own as a copywriter and my children are still quite young so my life can be lonely at times – I find the comradship you find with sports is good for me.

Comment by Pascale

To relax I read mysteries (no surprise there). I also do cross stitch.

We bike ride, though not the long rides that many people do. It’s a great way to clear out the cobwebs. We’re looking forward to the better weather because it’s been awhile since we’ve been riding.

My husband and I have finally joined a gym. We’ve been retired for 2-3 years now and needed to make a renewed commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Comment by genny

I also miss doing things with other people. And I miss having fellow workers and a coffee room where we could sit and talk for an hour every day. Blogging is a means of interacting, but you need people in the flesh, too. I love walking, so that’s my exercise. I’d like to have a big house where fun and interesting people could come and stay, read and work and relax and talk!

Comment by ab

David, that’s such a thought-provoking suggestion–similar to how Billie Jean King approached tennis players when she used to coach: what did tennis mean to you when you were seven? If it was good in your life, try to recapture that sense. I always loved team sports, even though I wasn’t very good, but my body is too wrecked these days for that–I love walking the lakefront with my dog, but need something else that brings me together with people. I’m working on it, as Gibbs would say.

Comment by saraparetsky

Sewing, woodwork, knitting, embroidery, photography, cooking, gardening, canning and preserving. All of my hobbies seem to be solitary endeavors – probably because I live in the country and have no close neighbours.
Of course, reading, blogging and writing take up a lot of my time, too. When I’m not out working with the cattle or playing with the dog, that is.
You could always come a visit me and help with the calving! 🙂

Comment by the Bag Lady

Bag Lady, what a nice surprise to find you here!

Comment by saraparetsky

Okay, I’m starting a French class tonight. I thought again about David’s comment, and how much I loved school as a kid–perverse kid that I was, perhaps. So I’m going back to school.

Perhaps I will start blogging in French!

Comment by saraparetsky

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